A talking Ambulance with AI + a haphazard Doctor – test each other’s patients.

A family friendly, fun packed, interactive travelling medicine show.

🚨“The future of medicine has arrived at your destination…” 🚨

D.O.C. stands for Doctor On Call. BESSIE stands for Bio Emergency Support Systems Intelligence Engine. BESSIE is an ex NHS Ambulance upgraded with the latest in Artificial Intelligence, never mind Chat GPT, she is equipped to deal with any medical scenario and programmed to take the lead in case of a catastrophic emergency. A good thing surely? 

BESSIE has all the latest smart medical equipment including a state of the art brain scanner, X-Ray machine, and a mobile chemical testing laboratory, along with voice responsive flashing lights, an ultra bright LED screen in her side window, and a ‘3rd Eye’ camera for scanning for patients and facial recognition. 

… But what happens when you get your wires crossed with AI??


The Doctor is BESSIE’s friendly (but incompetent) operative. He introduces BESSIE and what she can do, guiding her machine learning algorithm through beta testing, and carrying out manual medical duties – even while she downgrades his Performance Review.

Insisting on continually testing his medical readiness to be on duty brings them both to the brink of burnout in an explosive finale – mixing up BESSIE’s algorithm – she decides that the best way she can help reduce medical waiting lists is by deleting them all, alongside all medical data! Will BESSIE test his patients to the limit? Can just one Doctor do the job of a whole medical team AND save the day?

D.O.C. is about the ever growing, sometimes worrying, and often maddening role of digital technology in all of our lives. Just how much space does it leave us to be human?

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Photos by Tamsin Middleton