An Ambulance. A Medical Team. A Farcical Epic – Mid-Epidemic. The pathological roadshow with a twist in the tale. A DIY surgical demo gone wrong, meets old time travelling medicine show. Doctor! Doctor!! is a knock-about, laugh-til-it-hurts 40 minute outdoor comedy for inclusive family audiences, rewriting the rulebook on our relationship with Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, and Ambulances, in Sickness & ill Health.

In 2019 the show toured to 9 festivals performing 26 shows to 11,000 people. In 2020 the video of the live show (see below) was viewed 7000 times as part of Bournemouth Arts By The Sea Digital Festival.

Doctor! Doctor!! premiered at Bath Fringe in 2019 after extensive R&D over 2 years. Due to Covid-19 planned redevelopment and touring in 2020 has had to be cancelled. New plans are afoot. Do check out the show video, highlights and behind the scenes videos below. Doctor’s orders…


  • 1: Trailer
  • 2: DIY CPR Demo
  • 3: A Live Outtake: How to Wash Your Hands
  • 4: The Full Show + Subtitles
  • 5: The Full Show + Subtitles + BSL Support
  • 6: How to do CPR – the first improvised version
  • 7: Ambulance screen examples

* The video has been carefully crafted from 8 takes of 4 shows from the penultimate gigs of the tour as part of Bournemouth Arts By The Sea Festival 2019.


1: The Trailer ~ The show in 100 seconds

2: How to do CPR demo ~ an audience favourite

3: A live outtake ~ How To Wash Your Hands / Scrub up like a Doctor!

4: Doctor! Doctor!! ~ the full show + subtitles (40 mins

5: Doctor! Doctor!! ~ the full show & BSL (British Sign Language) Support (40 mins)

6: Behind the scenes of Doctor! Doctor!! ~ How to do CPR ~ the very first improvisation

(~ the exercise set: demonstrate to a YouTube audience how to do CPR
N.B. please don’t do it like this!)

7: Ambulance Screen Examples

Show video & behind the scenes extracts, and BSL support commissioned as part of #DigitalOutdoors by 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space, and Bournemouth Arts By The Sea 2020 Digital Festival, including the version with added BSL Support.

Redevelopment plans for Doctor! Doctor!! for 2021 and beyond are in the pipeline.

With more behind the scenes and making of materials too.

  • Update February 2021: We have been successful in receiving Arts Council England support to develop a duet between the Doctor and Bessie the Umbalance called Dr DIY, a shorter doorstep version of the same and an online participatory show. Working with a brand new team while also working to redevelop Doctor! Doctor!! as a 3 hander and to scale it up beyond that. Sign up to our newsletter in the footer of all pages on the website to be kept in the loop and follow us on socials, also at the bottom of all pages. Or drop me a line…

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Meantime, stay safe, keep socially distant but keep your loved ones close and ~ take best care.